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Posted on 2020-11-27

This is my first blog post!

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Outreachy 'guix git log' internship wrap-up

Magali Lemes joined Guix in December for a three-month internship with Outreachy . Magali implemented a guix git log command to browse the history of packaging changes, with mentoring from Simon Tournier and Gábor Boskovits. In this blog post, Magali…

via GNU Guix — Blog April 8, 2021

What should the next chat app look like?

As you’re surely aware, Signal has officially jumped the shark with the introduction of cryptocurrency to their chat app. Back in 2018, I wrote about my concerns with Signal, and those concerns were unfortunately validated by this week’s announcement. Moxie’…

via Drew DeVault's blog April 7, 2021

Uphold Marxism-Leninism-Maoism-Stallmanism!

Chairman Stallman has been under fire lately from the reactionary forces that have gathered mainly on the American propaganda machine called Twitter. Parties interested in the demise of the ideological advances of Free Software want to sabotage the movement,…

via brown121407 March 25, 2021